The future: web development without web frameworks – my slides from the first Berlin Java conference

Together with one of the senior developers on my team I gave a speech at the the first Berlin Java conference called Berlin.JAR. The topic was about how to develop applications for the web without a (traditional serverside) web framework. There is a wave towards rich AJAX applications with GUI logic in Javascript. Two forays are SOFEA and SOUI. The speech covered examples of how to design web applications without a web framework with rendering in Javascript and a client side message bus, using REST, Jersey, OpenAJAX, PURE JS and jQuery. My slides in an English version can be found on SlideShare or here.

The really nice thing is that backends can be written - independently - with Ruby, Python, Javascript, Java, Clojure, Scala, Erlang, OCaml or any other language. As integration doesn't happen on the server but in the browser (late and lazy integration), it's faster (asynchronous) and easier than on a server.

Thanks for looking.

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