The Erlang hype is grotesque

Take for example this recent post on hacker news with the title "Amazon and Google Discover Erlang (IMDB is switching from Perl to Erlang)". There in the comments someone gives a source for the IMDB claim: "IMDb on Java/Erlang (a job posting)". Going to the job listing results in

We are currently working in Perl but have plans to use Java, Erlang and any other language that we think will suit our purposes.

Constructing an "IMDB is switching from Perl to Erlang" (though everything is better than Perl) out of this job listing is grotesque.

As a side node, I've been looking into Erlang for some time but I'm still undecided. With some functional style in Java, Kilim, Terracotta and a Supervisor modul (see Scala), I guess most of the Erlang failover/distribution stuff can be done in Java too. I'm interested in CouchDB, but I have no reliability numbers and performance is said to be very low (for now?). The feature set of CouchDB is compelling though.

Ah in the end I only wish for some more functions in Java, better separation of concerns, constructors which can return any type instance, syntactic sugar like in Groovy, structural interfaces, enforced nice-style non-null references, catch(E1,E2,E3) ... well well well. I'll better stop before this turns into another How-to-improve-Java rant.

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