Talk: Time to market, don’t focus on development

I'm very interested in time to market as I believe time to market is a huge lever. I wrote an eBook on the topic and gave some talks. Recently I gave a talk on time to market at the JAX conferences agile day. The talk went to my satisfaction. It was based on a talk I gave for HackFwd - an excellent incubator for startups. Highly recommended.

After writing the talk I've read a book though, Developing Products in Half the Time by Donald G. Reinertsen and included some good points into my JAX talk.

The gist of the talk at JAX was that time to market for development is solved. In the last 15 years the software industry at last found a process that works for software development quite well, after years of trying to adapt conventional engineering processes to software development. If you stick to a process like Kanban or Scrum, you automatically do things that focus on time to market and reduce time to market to a minimum. Nevertheless management often focuses on development, trying to speed things up to get a product or project faster too market. What very few people focus though is before development starts. And that's where you can improve most.

When I take a look at the company of my wife, eventsofa, a market place for event locations, time to market is usually in the one hour time slot from idea to being live on the site. Risk is high, but impact with only a few users is low, better to be bold and add a fix quickly. For my employer, with millions of users, this way of doing things would be catastrophic.

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