Response to the critique for my last post and OneElementIterator

I've wrote an update to the post where someone suggested in a trackback to use the JDK for an one element iterator.

I got interested in aa OneElementIterator, which optimized - not sure how fast try is - could look like this:

public class OneElementIterator[T] implements Iterator[T] {
  private T element;

  public OneElementIterator(T element) {
    this.element = element;

  public boolean hasNext() {
    return element != null;

  public T next() {
    try {
      return element;
    } finally {
      element = null;

Faster and shorter ideas?

Update: Remove got lost during cut & paste:

  public void remove() {
    // not supported, throw exception
    throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Remove not supported in OneElementIterator");

And as Eugene noted next() should throw NoSuchElementException .

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