Interview with DSL, NoSQL and Scala Practitioner Debasish Ghosh

This interview is with Debasish Ghosh. He's writing the successful blog Ruminations of a Programmer with the tag line "A programmer's blog - will deal with everything that relates to a programmer. Occasionally, it will contain some humour, some politics and some sport news.".

Name: Debasish Ghosh (
Twitter: @debasishg

Tell us something about you (what are you doing, job, ..):

I am the chief technology evangelist at Anshinsoft, specializing in leading delivery of enterprise-scale solutions for clients ranging from small to Fortune 500 companies. We implement and deliver back office solutions for the Trading and Settlement systems. My research interests are functional programming, domain-specific languages, and NoSQL databases. I am a senior member of the ACM and author of the book DSLs In Action to be published this year by Manning. [Stephan: Very good book, I've enjoyed the latest MEAP version]

How did you come into programming?

I studied Computer Science at the Undergraduate level and got inducted into the world of programming from my school days. We did BASIC and C in those days and used Fortran for writing numerical analysis programs.

What do you love about programming?

The sheer joy of making things (to quote Fred Brooks). But I love programming so long it's a fun. I love when a program shapes the problem domain in an expressive manner and yet being succinct in expression.

Where do you think programming languages and programming in general is in 50 years?

I have no idea where it will go. We have been proved wrong on many counts till date predicting the future of programming or languages. Who knew we would be seeing the rebirth of Lisp in the mainstream at a time when Eclipse and Java were having a party.

How did you get your first job? What tips would you give to others?

I got my first job from the school campus recruitment. It was a fascinating experience trying to match up to the expectations of the corporate world as a young rookie. The first job of your career is like the constructor of your class - ensure proper initialization order to avoid unwanted surprises later.

What would you tell someone who wants to start a programming career?

Just do it. Don't ignore the fun part of it. A programming career sinks when it becomes *only* another way to get a paycheck.

What does programming differentiate from everything else in the world?

Actually it's not very different from anything else. You just have to find your sweet spot of creativity. As a programmer, I draw lots of inspiration from the writings of Christopher Alexander, the architect. I think his book "A Timeless Way of Building" is a must read for every programmer.

Thank you for this interview.

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