Book Micro-Review: Blog Blazers

Title: Blog Blazers: 40 Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets
Author: Stephane Grenier
Pages: 232

What the book is about
The books is a collection of interviews with 40 top bloggers. The author askes the same questions about how people define success, what websites they recommend to bloggers or how they did market their blogs. The answers are very insightful and with the same questions in every interview you can see emerge patterns for what successful bloggers do - like writing at a sustainable, predictable pace.

What I've learned from the book

  • Digged posts get 50.000 to 150.000 page views
  • Most of the successful bloggers recommend reading and
  • Keep a steady pace, success will come

Should you buy this book?
Yes, highly recommended

Who should buy the book

  • Every blogger who wants to learn how blogging works
  • Every blogger who wants more readers for his blog

Book kindly supplied by the author.

I've chosen the micro review format because it lends itself to be used as a future micor format and I like short reviews myself. You can read the table of contents elsewhere, I don't like it when reviews iterate the content.

What do you think about this short review style?

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